Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Possible Solution to Infusion Set Issues

                   Looks like the consensus opinions of various Animas CDE (certified diabetic educators) is that my insulin is at fault. So today I am switching over to Novolog to see if that wills solve my infusion set issues or not. If that does not work they want me to try Apidra insulin but I have some reservations with doing so. I already have had dramatic drops of my blood sugar without adding another which is faster but it could be good because of the lower time duration. I want a solution but want it to be a safe one. So I am really hoping the Novolog is the solution without having to change things with an insulin I have never tried before. So far it seems to be going okay but I am not holding my breath. This has been one horrible roller coaster ride so far. I have been taking photos of infusion sites after I pull. I have logs of time of insertion when I pull, what my blood sugars are at time I'm pulling, picture of Dexcom graph at time of pulling and where I the new insertion site is. I am so over loaded with information I am feeling so burnt out. I am tired of looking at my Dexcom graph seeing but another infusion site going bad. I feel like I am in information overload. This past month of dealing with this has been beyond stressful all the while dealing with audits at work which only add a whole other lever of stress.

                      I am seriously in need of three days with no infusion set issues where my Dexcom is quite and things in generally running smoothly after all my constant research for a solution I'm just seriously exhausted. I have been beyond blessed with people such as Scott Johnson, Kathleen Weaver, Dexcom Field Representative Lisa and Field Represenatives, CDE from Animas who have all been working to help me. I feel like I need a vacation but that is not till December. I will update you on Friday if this turns out to be a solution or not.