Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Reflecting Back on Time

            I have been spending quite a bit of time recently reflecting on all the diabetic devices I use today. Back in 1980 when I was diagnosed there was urine testing, beef and pork insulin. There were no meters, pumps, home A1c tests, or all the gadgets we have now. I know even with all my recent struggles with infusion sets I still would not give up my pump. I love that my Dexcom can help me make better basal changes. I could not survive these days without all my meters at my finger tips. All these devices are such a part of my life these days as I'm sure the next new one's will be as well. I love that thinks are getting better over the years but that sadly is just not enough. I know the statistics are staggering and so many people deal with the issues diabetes brings and make it look so easy. Sometimes I am bitter how much other health issues get for research funding because diabetes unlike cancer is a slow killer I think it does not garner enough attention to the issues. The issue is for me that after 32 years will I ever see a cure? Will diabetes ever been seen by the public as something that needs to be cured?
              My advocate sides wants us all to push to get diabetes to be seen as the disease that needs a cure now not twenty years down the line. I want people to see that yes we have insulin but that will never be a cure but just something we require to live. To have people understand that test kits, pumps,cgms, and other things are great but all can have issues. None of our treatments are easy or simple as many people that our not well educated about diabetes seem to think they are. Life as a diabetic is fairly routine with occasional very serious detours. I am hoping we the diabetic community can garner enough attention to make people realize that we need a cure. I am hoping as more and more diabetics spread the word that change will follow. I know the diabetic community seems to be doing more and more each November hopefully we can continue to push for what all of us have been waiting for so patiently.


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