Monday, October 22, 2012

Unexpected Issue

                       I have been working with getting Duchess back up to her best alerting level. We hit a plateau of sorts recently which I was not expecting. I have another friend who's dog did the same thing so I started to do more scent games which is basically a hide and seek game. Duchess really loves to play this game I have been doing the games at work and home to get her more motivated again. She has been back up to alerting as much as an hour in advance of a low again which has been wonderful. Even having Duchess two years there is always surprises and how they each handle situations or even new noises. I learned when we were shopping this weekend that she is afraid of the flying model planes. there was a guy flying one around trying to get people to purchase them but she even with watching it was still afraid which is not the normal for her. So I do plan on going back to see the planes until she is able to better handle the planes.


                       I could not of been more proud of Duchess because she really has handled the extra hours of scent training work and has really gotten back to where she was previously. She is a very hard working dog who has handled a great deal of long hours and scary situations. I am hoping after a couple more weeks of extra training I can start to go back to the the old amount of training.


  1. Senator's interest has been waning a bit lately too. I haven't been feeling good and haven't done quite as many practice alerts. I just realized the other day that he doesn't seem so excited about it right now.

    I have been doing more alerts and switched to a different and hopefully better treat. I like your idea about the games. Do you mean that you hide the scent and have Duchess find it? Or do YOU hide and have her find you?

  2. The scent games our scent samples I hide and she finds them. I try to hide it around 3 or 4 times and then stop. If you do more they will get bored or overwhelmed from my experience. Duchess likes to find things so it works well. Maybe that will help. Duchess was on top of it today but I also frequently do different dog treats as I go to not create boredom.