Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Nothing but Apprecation for the Help

                       I have never felt so connected to any group as much as the diabetic online community (doc). I know I have been having big issues with my infusion sets recently. Scott K Johnson has beeen such a helpful and wonderful person who decided to help me out. He posted my blog on his Facebook in hopes of finding some one with a possible solution to my issues. Thanks again Scott for all your help it is so appreciated. I have seen such wonderful helpful people on the doc and I have loved getting to know some of the members of the doc. Thanks again for helping make my days so much easier and feeling like there is a group of people who care.

                       I have gotten several ideas in chatting with some of Scott's friends about my infusion set issues. The medtronic pump actually pumps the insulin in a much slower rate than Animas One Touch Ping does. So I tried the combo bolus in hopes that it would help. So far it has helped add a couple more hours of time before my infusion sets go bad. The next thing I plan on trying is tonight I will be switching from Humalog to Novolog to see if that is part of the problem. I am very willing to try anything but I am hoping that switching the insulin is a possible solution. I also have Animas sending me some angled infusion sets that I have not tried yet. The interesting thing about this problem is that I have meet so many helpful people along the way. A couple weeks ago I meet with my Animas and Dexcom Representatives. I meet with both to get help with infusion sets and get the Dexcom training done. The Dexcom representative was friends with the Animas sales Representative in Fort Worth. Luckily when he heard my story he contact me and has been trying to help me find a solution as well. My Animas Representative has been on vacation for a while so this has made the process take longer. Honestly my whole life most of the time I get unusual situations with my health and I am the exception they describe some of the time. My mother was the same way. So my health issues are never easy and very complicated for the Dr.'s to deal with. Still hoping there is a solution out there. Thanks for all the support it is always appreciated.


  1. My pleasure, Tarra. I know that I don't have many answers, but I bet someone I know, or who knows someone I know, might have some good ideas. It's all about casting a wide net to yield some useful information and suggestions.

  2. Thanks Scott that it is true. I have actually gotten most of the idea's I have tried so far from other diabetics and not the professionals.