Friday, October 12, 2012

Beyond Frustration With Insulin Pump

                       I called Animas yesterday to try and help me solve the issues I have been having and all they could say is that there is that I am not following protocol on one thing to do with the cartridge but I know that has nothing to do with the site issues. I check the cannula, around the cartridges and in the cartridge for bubbles, look for bubbles in tubing, changed insulin out, do bolus to make sure site is bad. I do various checks through out this process and examining the packaging before I open. I have had no luck with this and currently my local Animas representative is on vacation until next week. There is one infusion set I have not tried and I am hoping that is the one I can use but I guess we will see. I still can't believe the representative was so rude because honestly I think she had no clue what was causing it. She told me she had been pumping for ten years and had not heard of this issue before. I know that every person's case is different and some people do better with certain things and others might not. I know the representative told me she was writing in the notes that she had solved the problem but I told her she had not solved it. I normally do not hand up the phone but the woman had been rude and did not even try to figure out the issue all she wanted to do is blame me for the issue, I had asked the representative if they could send me an inset 30 that I had not tried because the representative was on vacation and of course she said no they could not send me one because I had not been trained on that infusion set.


                        I was beyond frustration yesterday and wanted to throw my pump against the wall. When I started on the pump I never had to deal with anything this frustrating or time consuming. I am thinking of going back to shots for a while and seeing that will give my body a little break from all the holes and tape I have been using. My stomach now has little bruises everywhere from all the places I am trying to put infusion sets. At this point I can't stand my pump and normally I love having it but right now it is just another thing in my life that is clearly not working. I am not getting enough help with this issue and I feel like the only one trying to solve the problem is me. I have been looking for other experiencing the same issue. I was told by two people they ended up not going back to the pump because the infusion sets were just not working for them. I am hoping that's not the case but I also do horribly on Lantus and Levemir. I can only get by for several week so I must continue to find a solution to the problem.


  1. Have you thought about a different pump? My hubby uses the medtronic Revel and loves it. He doesn't do well on shots either. He also has issues with tape/infusion site sensitivity which is why he went off the pump years ago but he gave it a try again and he loves the pump/cgm he uses. We both swear by it.

  2. I love the pump I have but not the infusion sets. I had medtronic and had nothing but actual failures with the pump. I need a pump that's waterproof. I tried the Medtronic CGMS and I would never use again. Some people love it but I had nothing but issues. Dexcom has been much easier for me to use and very little issues so far.

  3. Hey Tarra,

    I'm sorry to hear about this. There are a TON of different types of infusion sets to try, especially with your pump. It uses a standard luer-lock connection, so you're able to use sets from different companies too.

    Are we connected on facebook? I'd love to throw your situation out there - I bet there are many people with ideas or suggestions. If we're connected, and I tag you on the post, you'll be able to see all of the responses too.

  4. Hey Scott,

    I could use any help I can get. I have been trying to find a solution on my own but their is so many variables. An Animas sales representative called me yesterday to give me some possible solutions as well. He was type 1 and has been pumping for 14 years. I am hoping to find something that will work soon.Thanks again.


  5. If you don't get an answer here, you might ask your primary care provider to help you find a wound, ostomy, and continence nurse. They work with people who has ostomies and have tons of tricks for dealing with skin issues. You could also google to find one. Don't give up!