Thursday, October 11, 2012

Duchess and Surprises

                I was on break at work this week and I was walking Duchess as I normally do. She has so much energy we need to try and burn some of it off. I was walking near and they had just let out the classes for the college students. I was not paying that much attention when Duchess was startled for a minute. There was a young woman with a service dog that was not very well controlled. The dog started barking at me and was trying to get away from the young woman. I told Duchess to leave it and she kept walking. The woman was embarrassed and told me that the dog was in training. Duchess followed all commands and looked like a well trained do should. I am so proud of her because she as time has gone on even better at dealing with the unexpected and always seems to be able to maintain her focus. I am always so proud of her in these moments because she did not react, did not make a sound, followed all commands, and made it look easy. I work with her to try and make these events like nothing is happening. She has always been great about not responding to barking dogs and loud noises.

                I have learned last night that Duchess does not like grim reaper statues or figures. There was a larger one at CVS and she would not go near it. So when this happens I make her go back to what is scaring her so she can move beyond the fear of what is bothering her. I pulled her closer to the and lifted up the costume so she could see it was not real but just a plastic figure. I let her sniff it and she seemed much more confident about things after. I purposely went by the grim reaper on the way out to see how she would react and she kept on walking unfazed by it this time. 

A great night for me straight across all night. Not too bad for having Dawn Phenomenon. Hoping my infusion sets last at least a day this time.

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