Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Dexcom G4

                 I was so happy to hear that Dexcom approved the new Dexcom G4. I was upset because I had just purchased the Dexcom seven plus but luckily I emailed Dexcom and received a very great message back. I will be receiving not only the rebate I got with purchase of my Dexcom but also will get the G4 at no cost to me which is wonderful. I am excited that I will be getting my new pink Dexcom soon. I love that they now have colors. I do end up waiting a little longer because I just received it in September but it will work til I get my new Dexcom. I was really surprised that I would get the latest version at no cost to me. I still hoping that we will soon see an Animas pump with the Dexcom integrated with it. I love my one touch ping but would be nice to have only carry one device. I have been very creative where I can hide them but it can be challenging.           
                 Overall the Dexcom has been great so far. Duchess does beat the Dexcom every time by quite a bit but I knew she would. She was a well trained and seems to keep going. The nice thing about the Dexcom is that if there is an event I want to go to for a few hours I can do it and not be quite as worried in some ways. I feel like Duchess gives me a feeling of being safe. The Dexcom is still not fast enough to catch my dramatic drops but it does catch some lows. Duchess is really hard to beat in that she can alert at least 40 minutes before I go low normally. Most CGM's can't compete with that. I have already started making changes to my basal with great success so far and this has been a great tool. Looking forward to testing out the accuracy of the new G4.

.Some brief facts about the New G4

in research is shown to have an increase of 19 percent in accuracy, 1/2 inch thick, lightest CGM on the market, 20 feet range for the transmitter verses 5 currently, comes in blue, black and pink, customizable sounds and alerts, usb port for easy access to download results.

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