Friday, October 19, 2012

Total Relief

              I have almost made it two days on the same infusion set. What a relief I was really getting concerned that I would not find a solution. This has been one long rocky adventure so far but at least I have a solution for the issues. I have realized that the inset infusion sets still are not working and I can use the contact detach, inset 30 or the comfort infusion sets. I am perfectly fine with those choices and just glad to not be changing out my sites several times a day. Almost all the bruises are healing up so in a few more days I will look like myself again. I have never been so frustrated except when I am high and am unable to figure out why. I do have to say that with all the bad infusion sites I was having the Dexcom was priceless in that I was able to see by the arrows how fast it was moving which made the decision to pull the infusion sets sooner and keep my blood sugars lower which was wonderful. So who knew Insulin can cause this much issues with an infusion set but hopefully any person who has the same issue now will have the answer.

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              I have to admit Duchess was a good sport about the constant alerting to keep my blood sugars in range. Duchess would alert before the Dexcom as usual and then the it would provide me how fast it was moving which was helpful. Overall I think it would of been more frustrating without the Dexcom. I did find that I have become better about testing for possible causes of the issues such as scar tissue and other little things. I know some of the testing I did personally speed up the process to finding a solution. I did fine quite a few articles from people who went off the pump because they thought they would not find a solution. I am glad I stuck with it and continually searched for the solution who knew that a sales representative from Animas was the one who came up with the solution.


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