Thursday, July 26, 2012

Unplanned Day Off

             This past Tuesday was an interesting day for me. The interesting part of having a service animals is how they like us can have off days. Duchess randomly decided to take the day off from alerting for the most part. I was incredibly frustrated because I was testing frequently but I was still missing some lows. That work day I hit in the 30's twice which is less than ideal. I know I have been working a large amount of hours but my job is a really detailed specialized position that at then of my departments fiscal year equal more work. So I try my best to balance my overtime with enough downtime for Duchess but it can be complicated to find that exact balance. Duchess is extremely sensitive to her routines and recently our schedule has not even been close to what she is used to. So I know she decided she was tired and bored so she took the day off. She did alert once or twice that day but for the most part ignored all the rest. Normally she is never misses a low which is what I need her to do. I know it is a great reminder to me how much she does for me on a daily basis which I truly appreciate.

                The interesting part is that night I went home and I sat down with her on the floor. I talked with her about her needing to work tomorrow because I really need her help. I told her when she is wearing her vest she needs to be working. I know she did not understand the whole conversation. The next day she did not miss one low or high. She was back to her old self. I find it very strange I have conversation with my dog but then again I spend so many hours of the day with Duchess. I have a very different relationship at times. She drives me crazy and I drive her crazy at times as well. We both learn from each other. The best part of the relationship is that she is my best friend and loves me more than anything else. I could never ask for anything more from best friend and life saver.

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