Friday, July 27, 2012

Pump Training

           I sailed through my pump training with no problems what so ever. The Dr. was happy I had set it up before I came in because it does make the process easier if you do practice playing with the pump before the process. I think she knew I was using it but she said all the setting were correct she did go over some pump procedures just for review. She review combo bolus and so forth to make sure that i use them appropriately. I then was a given a list of blood work and prescriptions as usual. I also have a date set up for my Dexcom training which is in September which is great for me on nights where I don't have Duchess with me or when I am exercising or basal changes. I have to say I love my Animas Ping so far. I love the screen the menu is much more user friendly than my Medtronic 722. I also love the fact that when I run during the summer that if I sweating that it could cause issues possibly with my medtronic. I did not run with my pump on shorts because the pump was too heavy so I used to wrap in saran wrap and put in my sports bra which worked well but not ideal. Now I have no worries. My PA is the one who signed off on the pump and she knew that would be a good pump for me but the delay was actually the endocrinologist because she thought the Revel would be a better fit.

             I normally get my lab work done in my Endocrinologist on site lab, but the person left early. So I got sent across the street to another lab. I get my blood drawn quickly and I'm headed out the door. I get to the elevator and there is this older couple who are getting on and then a Nurse. Everyone starts asking me questions about her. How long have you been training her. I politely say she is actually my service dog. I like to tell people she has saved my life because it's a polite way of saying that not all disabilities are visible and my condition is serious enough I need her. I don't always mention what my disability is because some days I feel like I need more privacy than other days. I know everyone was so impressed with Duchess especially once they figured out how important part of my own safety she is. Overall a good day and even did a little education.

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