Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Pump Start up Tomorrow

                     I am so excited about tomorrow. I am doing my pump start up tomorrow which sadly almost like Christmas in some ways. I guess because I have been saving since December of last year putting money away for a new pump. I ended  up spending less than I thought I would for a new one which is great. I was not happy with Medtronic after a while their customer service seemed to go downhill and I wanted to be able to order my supplies without great difficulty, but the opposite was what I ended up with. I am looking forward to seeing how the Animas handles their customer service I know my friends all love their service and the their One Touch Ping's. I have had my medtronic 4 years and it is defiantly time for a change. Hopefully the Dr.'s office is easier to deal with but honestly I have a feeling that could be rough as well.


                    I was fighting with my Dr.'s office about what pump I should get for a couple of months. The prefer to only have their patients on Medtronic pumps but in my opinion that is not fair to the patients. The pump is my choice as a patient who is paying for the device. I am glad I insisted on the Animas Ping because hopefully they will become more open minded when it comes to Animas products for other patients looking at insulin pumps. I sadly have already did try the pump out for a day or two with the same pump settings from my Medtronic which I know I should never do but it was like Christmas and I could not wait. I had my friend show me how to use the inset and it was quite easy and I learn things very quickly and had not issues when I did. I do plan on ordering my Dexcom in September which is also exciting for times when I have to leave Duchess at home. I find drunk people and service animals do not mix.


  1. You'll love the Dexcom -- I've been using one for a year and can't imagine controlling diabetes without it.
    Good luck (and say hello to Duchess from me!)
    William W. Quick, MD, FACP, FACE
    Editor, D-is-for-Diabetes

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  3. I am looking forward to getting it in September. I know the only thing my diabetic alert dog can't do is make graphs like a Dexcom.I said hello to Duchess for you. Thank you.