Monday, July 16, 2012

Diabetic Frustrations

               I had what I call a terrible day for diabetes about a week ago. It was terrible in that I change my pump sight as usual and the problem with using quick sets or insets is that there is always a chance for it too kink. I ended up with my blood sugar being 220 before I realized it was a bad site. So I change the site again and I was very careful when I was doing my second sight because honestly I was pretty frustrated with the fact that the sight only lasted two or three hours. I get the sight changed and go about my business as usual until I test again and I was 250. At this point I realize that again it possible for a bad sight or another issue. I check the tubing and check the pump for any error messaged but there was nothing. I check the sight and everything seems fine. I had taken insulin from a needle to treat my other high blood sugar and it was going down and then started to rise again. So another infusion set change but at this point I was beyond frustration with the pump in general. This time I change to the contact detach pump infusion set which is very different than the insets and you manually insert it but there is no kinks.

Animas Insets
              I only use the contact detach for when I am beyond frustration with the insets and need something that is going to work. The contact detach worked for three days and I was really happy I have one box of the contact detach available. I would not go back to injections if you paid me honestly with my hypoglycemia unawareness a pump has become a must for me in many ways. I know that Duchess really does not like the days when the pump sites go bad but I have a system that seems to work well for me. I always inject the correction dosage from a needle and not the pump that way if the second site is bad I can figure that out much quicker. It also will help me to figure out if the insulin is bad as well in some ways. I am always trying to reduce the time I am high for Duchess's sake as well. I know she is not a fan of low or high blood sugars either.I know that day Duchess was frustrated and I was too.

Animas Contact Detach

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