Monday, July 30, 2012

Frustration about Dr's & lows

                   The day I had my pump set up I was sent over for blood work. I have had issues with several vitamin deficiencies my vitamin D, folic acid and one I an unable to remember at this moment. I know they are all very common in diabetics and especially when you have Celiac's disease. They were checking my Alc again and running some general tests. My blood sugar was 90 when I drove over to the lab and we sat waiting around 20 minutes to get called back and right as they did Duchess alerts that my blood sugar is low. I plop an orange slice in my mouth and go back to get my blood drawn. I know my meter said I was 60. I had a feeling I would hear about it at my next Dr. appointment next week. I instead got a phone call the next morning about the fact that it came back from the lab at 47. I know that is low and of course once I left the lab I did recheck my blood sugar it was up 70 and I waited and tested again. I wait til I was 90 and then drove home.

                   I know Duchess had to deal with several lows that day which is not ideal but I have those days. The longer I have hypoglycemia unawareness the more it seems like my blood sugars want to stay around 70-90 most of the time. Which my Dr.'s do not like for the most part. I was told that the Dr. wanted me to come back in that day because they were worried about a low of 47. I told them I would be able to come in next week. I find it funny that because one blood draw one low I would need to come in. I know my A1c's are lower but I also spend a great deal of the time try to keep my blood sugars between 90-120 if at all possible. I am pretty frustrated by the difference of readings in meters and the fact that there is such variability. I know I am going to get another lecture from my Dr. about low blood sugars again but not all of them are preventable.


  1. That is frustrating that you have to schedule an appt. just to hear that you should try to avoid having lows. You already know that and are going above and beyond to prevent it from happening. Its so frustrating that this disease is seen as only numbers sometimes.

  2. I am really tired of the numbers game. I have an excellent A1c and work very hard for it, but it is never enough.