Friday, July 20, 2012

In over drive mode

                    After the recent seizure I experience Duchess has been in overdrive mode. She tends to be a little more hyperactive when it comes to alerts. I think in some ways she blames herself for what happened when I know the opposite is true. I know she loves me so much by how much she cares for me during what I know has to be a very scare event. She tends to try and alert everyone around me if I am low and then alert me. I think she believe this will prevent a seizure from happening. It is beneficial in some ways for her to practice alerting other people for emergencies like I have experienced. On the other hand she drives me crazy with her need to alert others as well but I know that practice in her mind tends to put her at ease. There is some many things I would of never would of thought of when I first got Duchess. This is one of them those things. I am hoping in the next week or so she will calm down a little more. She gets very impatient with me right now if I don't test the first second she alerts. She does not want to wait while I get my test kit out.

                    An interesting quick story from this morning. I went to the Dr. this morning and the nurse thought I was blind. She was trying to direct me and I told her that she was a medical alert dog. She looked completely puzzled by this situation. I know she said she had only ever heard of dogs for the blind. It was a real face palm moment of sorts. I guess another day in the life of a service dog team.

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