Thursday, July 12, 2012

Unexpected Dangers

               I am always thinking about Duchess's safety as a service dog owner. There is so many dangers for a dog who is working and I try to do my best to protect her from as much as possible. Each year there is many service dogs attached by lose dogs. I have been attached by a pitbull running lose in my neighborhood. A percentage of the dog attached will never work again if the attach was bad or there were injuries sustained. I felt lucky that day because I had my roommates Doberman Pincher and he was protected Duchess as the owner of the Pitbull watched it all happen. I am always worried about all these things from happening as a service dog owner.

              When I was in California on vacation on the 4th of July a kid decided that it would be fun to lite a firework right next to Duchess. The person I'm sure could see the service dog vest she was wearing. There are laws in most states that included fines, repayment of cost of service animal, vet bills and possible jail time for any injury or death of a service animal. I am glad there are laws to protect service animals, but I am still worried about what could happen. This whole incident took me by surprise. I believe it was young kids there were setting the fireworks on right next to people as well. My friend jumped in front of Duchess to protect her from the firework because I did not see it at first. She was completely fine but I always worry about incidents like this preventing her from working. Their are quite a few that will stop working after a traumatic incident.

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