Monday, July 23, 2012

Interesting Meet Up and Article About Disabilities

              I had an interesting run with a new service dog in training Kaleb who is training to be a guide dog. During our discussion I mentioned I had some interesting troubles where I live with access from time to time. She said she is always looking for ways to educate businesses and she said she was going to target the specific places I had most trouble. She was going to contact a group of puppies in training to visit specifically the grocery store I had most issues with which is good for them to be more open to service dog teams. I am happy that I am not the only person trying to educate in the area I live in but there is so much more education to be done. I read an article yesterday online about a veteran who flew with United Airlines and had some great difficulty. In fact they had two employee's on trams while heading to his gate that kicked his service dog. They also told him he was retarded because he was having difficulty understanding them but this veteran has a  (TBI) Traumatic brain injury which can make things difficult and also suffered from PTSD. The way this airline treated was appalling and really makes me incredibly angry.

              I have learned last couple of years how bad the US can treat the disabled. I have seen first hand and watched people I have meet treated with complete disrespect just because they are slightly different but the most interesting thing is that the children are actually more accepting of these differences than adults. I always worry every time I fly about difficulties with the airlines and the TSA. I really have an issue with them man handling my service animals. I carry the information they have on their website in case I have to review with them what the websites says. I sadly have an up coming flight home in December through United Airlines and luckily a flight back with Delta. I do have concerns on what could happen but I at least have the ability to fight back against but when a person has TBI or PTSD they have extreme difficulty doing so on their own. According to the article The US Department of Transportation is investigating the incident. The link below has the video of the veteran sharing his story.

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