Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Wishing for more supportive Dr.'s

                  I as a diabetic patient have always dreamed of having a Endocrinologist who told me I was not a screw up. I have been told constantly from the beginning I am uncompliant or I am not doing this right. I know we are not perfect and I am not exception. I get in trouble for being low or being to tight with my control but after my trouble with my eye's recently and having them lasered I feel even more sure about my control. I have loosened up a bit but I am trying to prevent more complications not get more. I know my current Endocrinologist wants my A1c at 7.5 or higher but I could not disagree more because I believe that will prevent more lows but at the same time create other far more serious issues. I know most Endocrinologist want an A1c of 7.0 or higher for Hypoglycemia unawareness but I have actually dropped the amount of lows I used to have four years ago dramatically. I am always working on getting my control to involve less lows. My previous Endocrinologist wanted my A1c under 7.0 for the Hypoglycemia unawareness and I find it funny each Endocrinologist have different expectations for the most part.

                   I would love to find an Endocrinologist who does not criticize me and actually listen to what I am saying. I am really sick of the one size fits all methodology of Endocrinologist. Since my mother passed away I have had issues with lows ever since. I have worked tirelessly to do the best for myself but never to get hey your doing a great job and there is still work to be done. I know I am not the average patient and I am tired of Endocrinologist telling me that my feeling of lows will come back when I know full well most likely that is not the case. I know each person's body's react differently to many factors and this does not seem to be accounted for by my Dr.'s. I know the issue last week with one low blood sugar after my pump start up and the phone call to me was frustrating. I am tired of looking for new Endocrinologist's who might understands all the work I put into caring for my diabetes. I am thinking that a Endocrinologist that I am looking for does not exist to an extent. All I want is a little understanding and to not be told I am a horrible diabetic. My A1c over the past 4 1/2 years has not been over 6.9. I think i am doing well but never according to my Dr.'s. Thank you for all the readers for letting me vent. This is the only place I can do this.


  1. I know its a pain, but if your insurance allows, keep looking. I have one that I truly enjoy and respect. My old endo retired and now I have a much younger one who is really excited about my transplant and who has a much more positive and realistic approach. It makes a big difference.

    Good luck to you. You're doing just fine on your own!

  2. I have been looking but there is really a shortage of Endocrinologist where I live. The average wait to see another Endocrinologist for some is 6 months or more. I have one that I am interested in seeing have to submit paperwork and I will give him a try.