Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Update on Duchess

I am happy to see the normal Duchess again we our getting closer to resuming her normal activity level next week. I decided that I wanted to play it safe and give her more time to adjust her activity up slightly until I feel she is ready to go back to our normal. I have been able to still get things accomplished with a little more planning. I was still able to get everything done but at a much slower pace. Duchess seemed to need this time to heal and I could not be more pleased. I am not even sure how she injured her legs in the first place. There was not big event where she got her foot stepped on or ran into anything to where she could injure herself. I know if this ever happens again I will be more prepared to take her to the veterinarian sooner because I know he will take the time to walk around with us to see if he can she what I was noticing. At first I did not want to go because I was not completely sure if they would be able to treat her if they thought nothing was wrong.

Thankfully they spend the 10 to 12 minutes walking around with us and was able to see what I was trying to describe. In the future I might also try and tape it if possible to also make things easier. This is the first time Duchess has ever injured her legs and had any real injuries. So I know I feel lucky I have been able to avoid most things but sometimes things come up that you were not expecting. I know I am really happy that next week she will be back to her normal walks and activities and I know both of us are looking forward to it.


  1. wondering what the Vet did indeed decide was the cause? Asking because tick illnesses up North often show up as "lameness for no reason" but I don't think you have those in your state...

  2. The vet is saying she pulled a tendon in her leg. She is walking normal now and seems unfazed but I am being cautious at this point. We do have ticks in Texas. She is on medication which is supposed to protect against ticks as well.