Friday, May 2, 2014

The Diabetic Version of "The Office"

I heard from my boss recently that the Diabetes police not full time reside in my office. I know someone recently complained that if I stopped eating orange slices or fruit slices that I would not have Diabetes according to them. They felt like with a bag of candy on my desk at all times was inappropriate for a Diabetic. My boss explained to them that I treat my lows with the fruit slices. The person said I heard they should only ever use glucose tablets. I did use glucose tablets over the years but now my stomach has issues with the chalkiness of the tablets and I throw them back up the last couple of times I have tired,. I always have some in case in my purse but don't use them frequently because it causes me stomach issues. I also find with all the lows I have now it can be pricy using glucose tablets. So these days my normal is juice, fruit slices or skittles all of these seem to not irritate my stomach.

I find it interesting that people really care so much what I am eating but these same people are pigging out on high fat fast food or eating donuts etc but have time to criticism some one like me who eats vegtables and fresh fruit everyday at work and rarely eat candy. I also find it irritating how they are entitled to criticize me but I am not allowed the same because they are not Diabetic. I feel like I work on what I call a Diabetic version of "The Office". Which honestly is not a place I really want to work. I know the wall they put up in my cubicle has helped a great deal but they always seem to come up with something new to complain about.

I know the person told my boss I could get off insulin if I ate better and I would start to lose weight the interesting thing is that this person is overweight I am not. My boss told them I was not a Type 1 Diabetic and explained about Type 1. I still think they will be back in my boss's office to complain. I know working with so many people who do not know anything but the myths about Diabetes creates issues. I know the ignorance is bliss even with trying to educate them they still believe the badly written information they read several years ago.

I know working with a service dog is complicated but also seems to draw even more criticism from people as well. I work at a University and you think the people would be more educated but they really are not. So I spend a great deal of time trying to educate but I know you can only educate some of them and the rest will continue to criticize because they have not idea what it is like to be a Diabetic.

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