Monday, May 5, 2014

Great Reminder of Why You Don't Wait

I am normally very good about testing especially when I am low. Recently I have been really very oh I have plenty of time to react to the low. It is like I think I have quite a bit of time to deal with the lows. I know some times I do have more times than others to deal with a low blood sugar. The bad thing with not feeling lows for me is that fact that there is nothing constantly reminding me like a fast heart beat or a need to eat. The only thing I get occasionally is I might feel a little sleepy. So there is no push for me to react quickly. I am working on this issue but for me the longer I have Hypoglycemia Unawareness the more I have adjusted to not having a push to get the low blood sugar taken care of. Most of the time I have been really good about getting things taken care of quickly especially since i get into a foggy state pretty quickly. I know me having Duchess can leave you feeling pretty confident when you should not always be.

I am now pushing myself to react sooner. On Friday I had a meeting which Duchess was alerting during the meeting but because I did not want to stop I kept going. By the time the meeting was over I was 45 and I had to leave for the day and had to run to catch my bus from work. I had to run a pretty good distance hoping to catch my bus home. Running after I shoved some fruit slices in my mouth as I was running is probably not the best thing to be doing but I would have to catch a different but which would make the ride home much longer. So I decided to run for it and I did catch the bus. I did spend the next 40 minutes fighting off lows in hopes that my blood sugar would go back up. Thankfully once I got home I was able to eat and keep things a little more steady.

I know I need to be a bit more careful and I need to respond as quickly as possible when Duchess alerts. Thankfully I am normally pretty good at it but on Friday I was not as responsive as I need to be. I did treat Duchess for her alerts but she knows full well that my blood sugar was still moving down. I normally would test but got caught up in my work which tends to get me from time to time. I guess in such a fast paced world we live in sometimes we need to put the breaks on and take care of it right away. I know I guess I need reminders from time to time and I got my reminder.

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