Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Unexpected Injury

I ended up at the vet's this past Saturday after noticing on Thursday that Duchess was leaning her body to the left when she walks. I noticed since the previous week she was pulling when walking at times but I was not sure of the cause. Then I had noticed that she was pulling when my co-workers noticed I knew something was wrong. At first I thought maybe she had done something by moving wrong and that it might get better but I noticed that it was not. She seemed to lean more to the left and I knew something was not right. So I called the vets on Friday and I told that my service dog was having issues with leaning when walking. They were fully booked but because of her job they thought it important to get her examined right away.

I know I was really worried how the vet will be able to see what I was noticing when I was at the visit. So we took her outside and he watched her walking until he noticed her leaning to the side. So we went back in the office and her examined her legs on the left and right side. When he was examining her I could see that it must have been hurting her. She is not a big fan of going to vets more than I am a fan of going to the Dr.'s office.

So the veterinarian thinks either she has a soft tissue damage or possible issue with ligaments tendons etc. The other option which I have a feeling is not correct is hip dysplasia she had a hip xray before I took her home with me and she had not sign of hip dysplasia. The diagnosis of a possible injury threw me off because there was not incident of a noticeable injury or big event I could tie the recent incident too. So now Duchess for the next two weeks is on limited exercise and walking when ever possible. So if she does have an injury it will give it time to heal the injury. The hard part of having dogs is that they can't really tell you when they are hurting but I am glad I noticed the injury pretty quickly and she seems to be doing better one the pain pills and anti informatory medications. I am hoping that this is the end of the issue but I will see over the next two weeks.

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