Thursday, May 22, 2014

Drastic Drops in Basal

It is that time of year where all of sudden my insulin needs drop very quickly. Every night recently I have been awoken by my Dexcom going off and having to treat several lows and every morning I adjust my basal a couple of units until I find where I should be. The bad part is that I am working a great deal of overtime and need my rest. So everyday I am trying to look at the graphs on my Dexcom and adjust from their which has helped.

I know normally when my insulin needs change dramatically it can be around 6-10 units less of basal so normally I am really tying to adjust it quickly but not too much or too little. I am not a fan of being too high or too low so trying to avoid that if at all possible. I have had several times where I was low for an hour or more which is less than ideal especially when you are trying to work or get things done. I have been adjusting my day and night as things are changing in the hopes to avoid bad lows or other issues. These times can be scary for me but the good thing is that Duchess has been on high alert watching me like a hawk so I could not be more pleased in how on top of things she is.

Even with recent injuries she is still able to keep up with my crazy blood sugars and seems to be extremely sharp right now with giving me plenty of time to treat and deal with low blood sugars. She has also been great about alerting me early when my blood sugars start to rise. She has been great the whole time I have been on predisone. She has really helped me to keep things where they need to be. She is a big part of the reason my A1c did not rise while taking predisone. I am currently not fan of predisone right now because I feel like my face and neck are constantly swollen which does happen.

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