Friday, May 9, 2014

Thoughts on Diaversary

As I am celebrating my 34 years this weekend. It is a great reminder of all the sacrifices that they made to keep me healthy. My parents above and beyond over the years. I know my Mother in particular is a big reason why I am able to manage all the complications and other issues that have shown up over the past couple of years. I know at these times she would have been immensely proud because when things started to happen I started to research. Read studies, research treatments, find other alternative treatments and tried to find out how other diabetics were over coming there issues. I know she would have been proud that I did not let these setbacks determine my future but instead founds ways to make a negative into a positive experience.

I know I had my times where I did not do what I was supposed to as a Diabetic and even lied to my Dr. or nurse because I was tired of trying so hard and not getting the results I wanted. I know through it all I have learned a great deal from my good and bad experiences. A big part of the reason I am a great patient today is because I have founds ways to make them understand where I am coming from as a patient and this better helps them to understand why I make the decisions I currently do. I know through all these years I have learned a great deal of lessons and but also gained a great deal of empathy as well. I know these years are a big part of who I am today in a great deal of ways.

I am determined this year to make my Diabetic anniversary a positive one instead of like last year where i really indifferent to it all. I know I have a right to feel that way but I want to be more positive about the things I have done right regardless of the all the things I have not so well.

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