Wednesday, May 7, 2014


I went to a going away party for a higher level accountant at my University that I worked with. We worked a great deal together last year during the closing of the books for the fiscal year. Duchess and I were wishing her well in a new Job in Texas. We were discussing some work related things and I know she has been here at the University for over 10 years so her leaving will make things more difficult but she had good news that they have already hired someone to help my section this year which will help tremendously. We ventured off of to discussions about our personal lives.

I started to discuss how difficult having Duchess with me at the University is for me at times. She said she was completely surprised by this. She said she assumed that it actually would be easier for me in some ways. I wish it was in a great deal of ways. My overall experience has been tough because of lack of knowledge of Diabetes and because my disability is not obvious. Some people seem to get it if you have a service dog then you need one which is true most of the time. I know most people assume that I get less work and such but I actually miss fewer days, do more projects and cover when others are gone. So I technically do a great deal more than many people realize. In fact at times I feel like I am chained to my desk because I am always working through my lunches and thankfully I have Duchess or I would not get a break.

I know a great deal of people would assume as well that with all the educated people around you that you would not encounter general lack of knowledge when it come to Diabetes but I have found it to be the opposite. I know some of these people are researcher, professors and professionals but they don't always seem to really understand. So from my experiences I have concluded that I will always spend a great deal of time educating others about Diabetes regardless of the type and all the misnomers out there about Diabetes. I do that a great deal already but I also have learned that you can't educate them all. I also have learned that no matter where I work there will be issues because many places are just not ready for service dog in the workplaces but are learning as they go. I know the University does try but also has failed in some ways along the way. I am happy that at least I have a job but I will always wish for a more friendly workplace for service dog teams.

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