Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Duchess and Dealing with Changes

I know recently with taking Predisone it creates situations where from day to day I don't really know what to expect. Some days are smooth other days are just rough up and down all day long. During these past couple of weeks Duchess has really played a big role in helping me to keep things where I need them to be. I changed when she alerts to highs to a much lower number and she adjusted to this change very quickly and continues to alert me sooner of any upward movements. She also has helped me stay out of trouble because I have had more lows because I am not using my insulin pump to bolus as much as I used to.

I know the longer we  have been a team the better we take on challenging times like now. She is always willing to learn new things which makes her very flexible when I have to make changes in how early I need her to alert. She has done very well with me doing less during the early parts of my Rheumatoid Arthritis flare-up. Duchess has also been very vigilant with sitting closer to me while at work because it tends to move around more frequently and she is very responsive to these changes. I know I am beyond blessed to have her. During the pain of the RA flare-up Duchess helped me tremendously by just being her goofy self.

I know I have to give a great deal of credit to Duchess for helping me continually improve my A1c. She is a big part of me being able to keep my A1c the same as previously even with the dreaded predisone. The good part of the predisone is that this week in particular for the first time in months I am feeling more like myself there is some tough days still but overall there has been big improvements. The downside of the predisone is that now I am noticing the swelling which you get when taking it. So there is the good and bad. I know Duchess no matter what is going on has helped and I am thankful for everyday I have with her. She amazes me with her ability to handle very difficult times and make it look easy.


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