Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Unexpected Financial Costs

I feel very fortunate everyday to have Duchess in my life. She is wonderful service dog who loves me unconditionally which is awesome. She works hard and does such a great job. I know when I first found out I was going to get a Diabetic Alert dog I was so excited and optimistic that things would easy. I know from a great deal of my experiences being able to take Duchess where I need with me is never easy. I know the more service dogs their our in my community the easier it will become. Thankfully a great deal of the public access issues I was having are not a big of an issue but occasionally.

I know when I got Duchess I knew I needed help and assistance with things before they spiraled further out of control but I never really thought much about having a service dog in the office. I never knew the full impact of that decision would cause me financially either. I have noticed since I started working with Duchess that my strong work ethic is never recognized in the same manner as it was in the past or that when it comes to raises that I might be impacted. I know I was fortunate two years ago to get a raise but with all the drama at work concerning Duchess when she was not doing anything wrong I know will impact a great deal of things including how they view me. I know I have missed less days then my healthy coworkers but I get not credit for being here and getting what needs to be done accomplished. I have hit a wall in how much I can physically do and I know it will end up hurting me financially as well.

I know even with accomplishing more than anyone else who has had this job previously I still am not getting the credit I deserve. I know I am blessed I can still work and be able to afford to do some things I enjoy but at times I know my disability will cost me in ways that really can hurt. I know I still would not change my decision to get Duchess but I never really thought about the impact of having a service dog in a job that is not really that disability friendly. I know where my work is heading most disabled individuals are already quitting because they are unable to keep up with the demands of the work load increased which will only get worse. I know my workplace is not working to help these individual but rather doing not thing assist them.

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