Tuesday, April 22, 2014

RA Follow Up Appointment

I am thankfully only on Predisone till the end of June. My visit yesterday with my Rheumatologist was good and reviewed further my medications and why my blood tests showed up they way they currently do. I know we discussed a big reason for the negative results on two of the test is because I have a very slow moving Rheumatoid Arthritis which is good for me. With having a slower progressing form of RA it can make it easy for it to be over looked but she said with my strong family history there is no doubt I have RA but thankfully if I stay on the current medication of Methotrexate that it should help to hopefully avoid further RA flare-ups which would be good. There is some weird side effect of Methotrexate but the longer I have been taking it the more I find I am adjusting to the side effects of the drug as I figured it would. Overall it is nice that the drug in the long term is preventing further damage to my joints. Currently she thinks my joints look really good and I should be able to start doing more and more as my body lets me.

I know I still need to let me body heal from this flare up but I am incorporating more exercise back in and to see how I feel. So far I am adjusting well to a little exercise. I am hoping to be up to my normal exercise routine soon. I know right now I am still tired at times but each week I seem to get more energy back which is great. I just can't wait for my body to feel more like its old self soon. At least the pain is minimal and things are working out well. The only real downside right now is that i am losing more hair because of the Methotrexate than I would like. I don't have any big clumps of hair missing but I do find more of my hair everywhere.

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