Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Hard Work Paying Off

I went for another visit with my Endocrinologist today and overall a great appointment. My A1c had not gone up even with being on Predisone which is pretty good in my mind. I know the Dr. noticed an increase in lows but I know that is because I am trigger happy because I know how fast when on Predisone my blood sugars have risen. I know she said she was really happy that even being on predisone I was able to handle it as it was coming which is good. I work very hard at keeping my A1c in check and was beyond pleased that I had accomplished my goals except for the increased lows. I am working on that now but I also know that using my pump to bolus for food while on Predisone is not working for me so I for example the bolus should be 2.65 I will bolust the .65 on the pump and inject the two units in my arm or stomach. Which has worked well so far.

My Dr. is concerned that I am in flare-up and also that my work is making my life more stressful when they could be doing things to be more helpful. I know she said she thinks that I need to be careful because my Dr. thinks I could get my self in a very bad low or seizure if I don't watch my workload. She thinks they are putting too much pressure on me in general. I am hoping I will find another job that offers me a little more supportive environment without creating extreme demands for overtime.

I know that overall I was not really that stressed going in for this appointment because I was prepared. I did get everything I needed done and I feel better knowing I am in a great spot. There is always challenges for me with my blood sugars changing so much from day to day but I feel better know that in many ways all my hard work is paying off especially when you look at how great my eyes are currently doing. I am hoping that in the long run that my continued hard work will pay off and that I can continue to find new ways to deal with the challenges as they come.

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