Monday, April 28, 2014

Obstacle Courses

I used to really enjoy shopping with friends and going to try new things. I was always busy doing so much. These days shopping is not what it used to be. I feel more like it is an obstacle course with crazy people everywhere who are trying to get you. There is the kids who scream because they are afraid of dogs, there is the kids that run up and start petting Duchess without asking. Then there is the one's that our adults who are petting her as they notice the do not pet sign on Duchess who are like I know you are not supposed to be petting her but I am not doing anything wrong. Then there is the one's who like to interrogate you as to why you have a service dog and want to know all about your business in detail. Unless you love sharing your whole medical history with perfect strangers this is not something I normally choose to do. Most of the time I make up excuses to get out of having to share my personal life. I value my privacy a great deal as a shy person.

Then there is the kids that get sent over by there parents go play with that dog. I also run into the one's that give me dirty looks because they can't see my disability. I run into a great deal who think I am the trainer and want information for a friend. I also meet a great deal who think Duchess is my seeing eye dog because that is the only type of service dog they are aware of.  Then there is the kids that think Duchess is there jungle gym and try to climb on top of her this has happened three times to Duchess. I try my best to prevent this from happening. I think differently when I am coordinating my route through the malls. I see kids and I detour around to avoid them. I see a person moving towards us I try to avoid getting trapped into a hundred questions. I try to navigate through a crowd in a manner that keeps Duchess away from kids screaming and crying because they can't pet her. I also try to avoid groups of people who I can tell would want to pet her.

I am always trying to avoid the things I enjoy least about having a service dog and at times I really enjoy my interactions with others but at times these interactions can take a really negative turn as well. So when I am shopping I am always trying to find the quickest way from point A to point B so that I can avoid weird or difficult situations so that I might be able to enjoy my time with Duchess and my friends while shopping. It can be a great challenge to do so but these days shopping is and will always be an obstacle course at times.

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