Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Made Two Big Goofs Recently

I have made some big goofs recently which I already knew could cause issues. I have been using pre-bolusing very regularly especially since I am currently on Predisone. So recently I was having pasta which can spike me if I don't wait at least 15-20 minutes before I eat. So I test my blood sugar is 106 and I pre-bolus. I always keep on eye on my Dexcom during the 15-20 minute period to try and avoid any lows if possible. So about 12 minutes in to my wait Duchess alerts and I recheck my blood sugar and it is 30.  I know Duchess kept bugging me several times before I paid attention. Pre bolusing has its risk for sure but for the most part it has saved my Alc from sky rocketing up because I have found what works most of the time. The most interesting part is that my Dexcom never even showed I was low it stayed in place and only dropped 10 points. I know it can be risky to pre-bolus but when eating out I tend to avoid doing so because you never know when you are going to get your food.

I also the other day I had another goof and I really know better than this. I tested my blood sugar without realizing that I had sugar on my hands from treating my last low. My blood sugar came back at 180 so of course I just bolused to address the issue. Well after I bolused I was like why didnt I clean my hands off to make sure because my Dexcom was showing 82. So I wash my hands and retest I was then 73. So I treated the low and ate a snack to prevent another low from popping up because of my errors. I know with having the predisone once I start moving up it can be difficult to slow my blood sugars down. So I am overly zealous with my bolusing. I know I have done this before and I thought I had learned but I guess with being so busy at work I let my better judgement fall to the wayside. I am now going back to double checking if I feel like the blood sugar could be wrong. I hate to bolus when not really necessary because it can cause me issues for hours afterwards.


  1. So very true. I know I have to laugh a little bit at my recent fumbles.