Monday, March 31, 2014

Social Media Burnout

I have been thinking a great deal over the weekend about the fact that I have pretty much disappeared from a great deal of social media in general diabetes and other social media in general. I have noticed a great deal of me not really being into it all. I think after several years of constant social media I am tired of it all. I know recently with my RA flare-up it really puts things in perspective for me in some ways as well.

 I know at times I love to be connected but other times I feel like I need the time to deal with other aspects of life. I know with me being so tired some of the Facebook  updates of my old friends seem very unimportant but at least the diabetic advocates updates have purpose. Social media is almost feels over done. I think I am definatly burnt out on social media. I love the diabetic advocates and diabetics in the doc but I know I have slowly been drawing myself away recently.

I love being involved in the diabetic community but recently I have felt like everything has been too much. Honestly having less energy and very little energy makes me also value the time I do have. So I know I would love to join in more but right now I think I just need a time out of sorts to get to a place again where I feel like sharing and joining in. These days with me barely keeping up my life in general and adding more things on that I feel I need to do feels like it is just way too much for me.

I know my blog has not been as consistent because of all the aspects of my life getting even bussier. I am trying to get myself back to where I enjoy social media like I used too. I am hoping in the next couple of weeks I can get myself to where I like to be. I have enjoyed my interaction with each of you and I hope you understand that social media can burn you out and at times I think the only cures is a break from it all.

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