Monday, March 24, 2014

Satisfied With Improvements So Far

It is so nice to wake up today and my knuckles are not bright red at every joint. My body is not quite as tired as last week I am still resting and when running errands was really tired afterwards but overall I am starting to feel like I can take on a little more. I am not back to my regular self where I finish up everything I normally do around the house but I will get there. I am cleaning but splitting it up over several days like cleaning the bath room one day next day steam cleaning my floors or vacuuming one day. That way everything is not quite as overwhelming. Last week after coming home from work some days I would cook dinner and I was wiped out after cleaning up and eating.

I know this week I am no expecting a dramatic change in my energy over the next couple of weeks I will really start to regain my energy and ability to take on more tasks. I do feel much more confident about things verses last week which is good. I have had two nights after taking the Methotrexate where I felt a little dizzy but I am not sure if that will go away or not. I will find out Thursday night once I take the Methotrexate again if that will be a side effect that might be around for a while. I am hoping not but I will see.

Taking predisone has been interesting. I have been able to keep my blood sugars under 158 the whole time which is really good. I did lower my high threshold to reduce a big rise in my A1c rates because of the predisone for me what has really helped is that I use my food calculator on my pump and I take the units and do injections of units for example 4 units and let say .60 and then I sent the .60 through the pump. I know it seems to keep the blood sugars from soaring or moving quickly. I also increased the pre-bolus time to reduce a rise of bloods sugars well.

I want to keep things tightly controlled as possible. I know my Alc is coming up soon and I want to keep things in tight of control as possible. My Endocrinologist know I needed to take predisone and supported my decision to do so. They expect some rise so I am not too worried because they understand that I am going to do my best. My Alc are usually in range so a slight rise will not throw me off too much. I know I like to keep things well controlled with having the Retinopathy but everything seem to be fine right now. Overall things are much improved and can't wait for things to return to normal. I know things are pretty good right now but I am taking things easy and not pushing myself too much like I was the first week I had at the beginning of my flare up. I know I tend to push myself too much as it is but I am glad I have given myself the rest I need to handle most of what I need to get done.

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