Thursday, March 6, 2014

Six Years Later

On Saturday March 08,2008 is the six year anniversary of my mother's passing. I know I have been incredibly deep in thought the past week or so my blogs may have been a little shorter. I know losing my mother who also was a type 1 diabetic has been incredibly difficult. She did not die of complications but had rheumatic fever as a child that was never treated. Rheumatic fever if not treated causes permanent damage to the heart valves. When she first got ill they thought she had kidney failure which made no sense because she had great control of her diabetes and normally had normal kidney function. So they kept track of her kidneys but she was continually getting worse. I know when I went home for Christmas the previous year I was thinking it was a heart issues because in the past she had some issues but the Cardiologist said that she was fine and ran not tests. I was pretty angry because I think he thought the kidney issue was because she was diabetic and the problem was solved.

I know she got better for a while then a couple months later she become sick again. This time the Dr. she worked for was reviewing her labs, tests and other information in hopes of helping her. My mother was a nurse for many years her Dr. she worked for was also a type 1 diabetic as well. The Dr. thought she needed to go back to check her heart and other things to make sure something was not missed. Sure enough on March 07, 2008 my mother called me. She told me they finally found out what was wrong her heart was failing and her kidneys were shutting down. She would need a heart and kidney transplant. She was added to the list that day. I know when I heard that my heart was broken. I know full well if she had not been diabetic they would have run more tests to find out why instead of saying diabetes equal kidney failure in all cases. This is a great example of several Dr's not doing their jobs and just passing it off as a complication because they had no idea what was wrong. They did determine her rheumatic fever is why the kidney's were failing not her diabetes.

I know that even if she had lived longer it would not have been an easy road for my mother. I know at her funeral when her patients she dealt with attended her funeral it really told you a great deal about my mother. She was an incredible person who impacted so many who knew her. I know I still struggle today not being able to pick up the phone and call her when having issues. I know this past year I had so many obstacles at work and she always had such great advice. I will always miss our times together. I really wish I had more years with her she was only 52 years old when she passed and it just feels like not enough. I know the hardest part of her death was that I now was faced with the reality that being diabetic we really are so much more vulnerable when we are sick. I know my mother is currently in a better place but I know all her kids will always love her and miss her.

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