Monday, March 17, 2014

Dealing with RA

Thank you for your patience. I have been dealing with a Rheumatoid Arthritis flare up and have not been handling it all that well. I know in fact I have been quite angry about it in general which not my normal response but I know I already have so much on my plate I can see why I had this reaction. I get angry mostly because an RA flare up equals me being exhausted and feverish. My body hurts a great deal and I feel very cranky and testy. By the time I get home every night I am exhausted cooking dinner or getting anything else done becomes really difficult. This past weekend I ran a couple of errands and have to come back home for a bit to take a nap so I could finish running my remaining errands. It is really sad how little energy I have during an RA flare up. I know I am frustrated with the fact the one of the few medications I can take affects my eyes and after getting my retinopathy where it should be I am not wanting to take any risks with my eyes even if it equals more issues with my RA. I am hoping to find another medication without the risks to my eyes but that will be effective to help me prevent further flare ups if possible. I am not sure what my appointment will bring but most of the time I get prescribed steroids which help with the symptoms of the flare ups but do some damage to my blood sugars.

I think when you are handling several autoimmune issues things can get very complicated so quickly and you have to make choices like I have made in the past to not do treatments because the side effects of the treatments are not worth it in the long run. So I am really hoping they have some options that are better than last time I went to a Rheumatologist. I am so tired these days which are now equaling a great deal more lows which is less than ideal. I have been trying to hard to keep up with everything when I should be trying to rest. So I have decided that things must wait till I have the energy to deal with them. I am extremely tired and hoping for some pain relief. As I am typing this right now it is very painful and less than ideal but doing administrative work I have to deal with the pain so I can get my job done but that makes for a very long day.

Emotionally this has been a very rough period of time so I am trying my best to keep things as positive as possible but can be difficult with my job increasing expecting more and more of me when my body is already a full capacity and can't really handle much more at this time.

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