Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Infusion Set Issues-Occlusion

I have noticed since I got a new order of infusion sets from Animas. I think I got a bad box because every infusion set has only lasted several hours before it says occlusion and each time I had also had a refilled the cartridge and the tubing was the one that came with the set. So each time I examine the tubing to see if it was just an air bubble which can cause an occlusion but there was not bubbles. There were not bubbles in the cartridge either. So I am not sure why the sets keep failing but I rather annoyed because it had several occlusions overnight which means I don't get to sleep much because I am constantly up and taking care of the infusion set issues which takes twice as long when you are half asleep and really would rather be sleeping. I know recently I have been feeling rather tired and this is another reason why. I know I plan on contacting Animas about the bad box of infusion sets. The other box I used one from did not have any issues with.

I know even Duchess after all the middle of the night issues was pretty cranky and I am as well. Hopefully I can get the bad one's replaced with some new ones. I know I have put that box to the side so I don't use anymore of the bad sets because honestly being a diabetic I already get poor sleep but adding bad sets just makes things more complicated. I am tired and after all the other stressful events I really rather need more sleep and not the opposite.

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