Friday, October 30, 2015

Increased Alerting After the Move

I know with all the recent changes in Duchess's life I was really worried that her alerting would be affected by all these changes. I really happy to say that Duchess is actually alerting even better now than she was before the move.  Duchess has always been great at alerting but now she seems much happier about life in general. I know things have been incredibly busy with the move, job hunting and just unpacking. I know I was also worried that with having two diabetics around might be tough for her but she seems to take it all in stride. I know having two of us around does not seem to bother her at all. I know she does tend to alert to John when my blood sugars are off for good reason I am sure. I know most of the time if she does alert I do test and take care of it but I also know there was times when I am too far gone to respond to her alerts. I am thankful that she loves her new home and loves our new life. She seems generally more relaxed and happy now.


I know Duchess has some separation anxiety which I am trying to work on but when I am going to interviews she freaks out. I know John is with her but she generally is so worried about me but I do run my blood sugars higher during interviews to avoid the CGM alarming and also so I can just concentrate on getting the job instead of worrying if I am going to go low.  I know it has been hard on Duchess waiting for me while I am in interviews but it does seem to help her. I know we have found that if John takes here vest off while I am gone she calms down and relaxes. Once I get back in the car we put her vest back on and she is back to work again. I know Duchess has some interesting needs when I am away but at least it seems to help lessen her separation anxiety. Some days she does wonderful when I am gone to get the mail or things that are close to the house. So at least I am making progress in dealing with the separation anxiety.

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