Friday, November 20, 2015

Interesting Job Hunt and the Leassons Learned

Things have been such a whirl wind and I have not blogged as I would have liked. I have been so busy working on getting a job it was just too much to keep up with these days. I normally love to blog during November but this year it just didn't happen. I did get a job offer and I was supposed to start the job today but I never heard back from the staffing company after I submitted a Dr.'s note about my need for an accommodation at work so I can bring Duchess with me. I know the federal laws but the request by the company was not very nice. I know our email exchanged she expected me to have a Dr.'s note ready once I told her about my need to have Duchess. I know in Texas my job requested me to release some medical records to the Disability department. I signed the paper work so the school could get the records I stared a day later. I know the process was easy. Sadly since I had never been asked for a Dr.'s note I was not prepared but thankfully my Dr.'s office was able to get one written the day I called then I had them fax it to the company. I heard back from the staffing agency for the temporary to permanent position I was hired for that they were waiting to hear back from the company.  I heard nothing from them today so I assume they are trying to get out of trying to hire me at this point is my assumption.

I know during all of this time I was called back for a second interview at a job I really wanted. I found out today and accepted the position at a local University in the area. I know because the position is a state job I won't really have any issues being able to take Duchess with me to work. So I am relieved that I don't have to go through the situation I was with the other job I accepted a position with. I am waiting to see if I ever hear back from them or what their response will be. I am curious to find out what they will say next. I know after my current job hunting experience I am thinking the disability laws leave a great deal to be desired. I know the only way I can compete is to not disclose my disability because of the assumptions people make. It is sad reality in this country how bad they treat the disable who are trying to be productive citizens who just want to work.

I know once I tell someone about my disability they have complete meltdowns most of the time and then they get angry if you don't know in advance what documentation they will want. I can see why a great deal of people in this country with disabilities don't work because they make you jump through so many hoops to just be able to start a job. I am glad they improved the disability laws several years back but there is so many loop holes that make it easy to discriminate against a disable individual. I know I have just as much to offer as any healthy person. I just wish they would not make such harsh judgements about me before they even see my work. I know I do tend to stay in jobs longer now because of the difficulty with getting new jobs. I am really hoping that my new department will still welcome me with the same enthusiasm as any other employee after all I am still human. I know my disability does not deter my abilities just wish more people understood that.

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