Sunday, October 25, 2015

A New Experience that Taught me so Much

I am still job hunting. I ended up taking a temporary position for the first time in my life because honestly I was not handling not working very well. I am so used to this high paced and hundred a mile an hour pace. I also know that this process has been strange for Duchess as well because we are home more often than usual because I am spending so much time applying for jobs. I  have to say I was never planning of using a temporary agency but it actually turned out okay. Once I got the job assignment I then told them about Duchess. The temp agency was not happy to say the least but the place I was assigned to loved Duchess. It was an incredible assignment which made me realize that yes my work experience really could be pleasant compared to my old job. I know it gave me hope that I could possibly find a good employer who would be supportive of having Duchess.

I learned so much from this experience so now I know more what I am looking for in a job. I know my experience at my last job was not great but I also know what I would do differently next time if it got to that point. I am hoping to find an employer who values me more as an employee but also values how productive and how much I add to the work place. I know I am looking to make my life better in every way possible. Finding the right work place for both of us would be ideal. I am finding that back in 2011 I needed a job and it was the first one that came up. This time I have more options when I am making this decision. I know Duchess is a great service dog and I think the right place she won't have so many complaints about things that are untrue. I know I have a feeling those complaints were more about that the person was generally unhappy with their job and so they just wanted to have some one to complain to.

I know I never planned on going through a temporary agency but it might actually help me make contacts and to network to find other jobs. I know I love my first assignment but I know I can always apply to an opening with this company next year. I am hoping to do some more temporary jobs because it gives me other ideas of where I can work at that I might have not previously considered. I worked at a hospice organization and I found it so rewarding. I know I wish the job was a permanent one because the company was wonderful from what I saw and heard from other inside and out of the organization. I do my homework about the companies before I start to have an idea of what they are going to expect and what I might be doing as well.

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