Monday, October 12, 2015

I Am Finally Back to Blogging

Thank you all for your patience during the move and after the move. I thought I would have been back to blogging sooner but I am finding that I am still so far behind on everything these days on top of looking for a job. I know it really took some time for me to find places for all my stuff I moved to California. I know I feel like I have not gotten much accomplished when in actuality I have. I know my road trip to California is not one I will soon forget. I know I meet some of John's family and he meet some of my family. It has been an incredible start to our new life together. I know I have been incredibly stressed about not working. I found a temporary job actually a ten minute walk from the Condo I live in. I have to say I am in love with Sonoma and the new life I have now.

Duchess in our new home in Sonoma

I know I had my share of lows during our travels but we used walkie talkies on the drive so If either of us went low we would press a certain button which gave a very noticeable sound. This really helped to make the trip easier. I know this really helped us keep in touch but also made it easier to tell each other if bathroom breaks or stops for food were necessary. I know Duchess really handled the trip quite well even on the long days were we drove for longer periods of time. I have to say that I had no public access issues on the trip as well. Overall it was pretty uneventful but rather a great adventure for John and I. I know I won't forget this trip anytime soon. I know it seemed to only strengthen our relationship. I know I was thankful that we both were wearing our Dexcom's during the trip. It really helped me to make changes to my driving basal rates and make adjustments as necessary. I know it made it easier to see if I was moving up or down.

Leaving Texas and Into New Mexico

I know my life has changed so much in so little time. I know I love Sonoma and love the fact that I can walk to the grocery store and so many other places. I find I am walking more and more each day. The weather here is not as hot as Texas but quite nice and sunny. I love the fact I live so close to the Plaza which is where a great deal of the bars and restaurants in town are. I love the fact that Duchess favorite dog bakery is in the plaza as well. I feel very much at home in Sonoma and I am now starting to meet so many wonderful people. I am looking forward to see what will come. I know my Diabetes had some major blows when I first made it to Sonoma.

I had been using a Verio IQ for several months. One night I was feeling off so I tested it said I was 165 but I really felt like it was oddly low. So I continued to check but my blood sugar seemed to stay between 170-150 range. I kept watching it because it seemed odd. John was working that night so I knew it would just be Duchess and I tonight at home. Duchess kept alerting but every time I tested it was in that range. I know my CGM was showing I was lower in the 70's so I was not sure what was going on. So I left things alone. I know I remember reading a book and that was the last thing I remember that night. I remember waking up to John holding me up against the bed. He said to me you just had a seizure. I guess when John came home Duchess alerted him that something was wrong he ran to the bedroom and found me in a very incoherent state. Then I started to seize. John grabbed the glucagon and injected me. Then he grabbed my meter and tested it said I was 125 he knew that could not be. So he grabbed his meter it read LOW. So my meter was over a hundred points off. If I had know I was low I would have treated it but since my meter was saying other wise I didn't react.


I know I am very upset that I had a seizure because of the meter being off and it brings back the fact that meters need to be more accurate especially since we all rely on them being accurate. I know after that experience I will never again use a Verio meter. I am back to using my old one touch meter which seems to be accurate. I have learned some lessons from this experience. I know now I am now battling to keep seizures at bay not because I didnt test but because my meter was wrong. I also know if my blood sugar had been slightly higher most likely I would have check with my back up meter. I know times like these I am grateful to have Duchess and John around. I also felt incredibly guilty because I didn't realize sooner that my meter had an issue. I know I felt overwhelmed with sadness and guilt over what happened and John assured me that it was not my fault. I know now I am working very hard to keep seizures as bay but the next couple of months will carry more risks of seizures.

I know I will always struggle with things but I am also so pleased that Duchess loves living in Sonoma as much as me. I know I am hoping that our life will be better here and so far it has really been so much less stressful so far. I know I feel better than I have in a long time. I will be trying to blog more as I can in between searching for jobs and settling into my new life. Thank you again for your patience while I took a break from the blog.


  1. So scary about that low! I use the verio and now I'm thinking maybe I should switch!! Otherwise, glad you are ok and adjustung well in Cali :)

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    1. I love California so far. I know I think this can happen with any meter but since my blood sugar was low I didn't realize that I should of checked my blood sugars with my back up meter instead. I know if I am at in doubt I will always be rechecking on a different meter.

  3. Hello! I'm so happy that you came back. I will have a service dog soon (mobility service dog), so I'm reading up a lot of stuff to prepare myself. Your blog has been a great help! Glad to have you back! Take care!

  4. ... enjoy your next life chapter, happy for you ...

  5. Thanks Nicky. Good to be back need to get back in the routine now.

  6. Thanks Ann. I am loving it so far it so different from my old life. Plus Duchess being so happy makes it even better.