Wednesday, December 2, 2015

First Day

I am really looking forward to my first day at my new job. I am thrilled to be able to be working again. I know it has so hard to not be working and just applying for jobs for quite a while. It has been a very rough road as far as job hunting but I am pleased in the end that I got the job that I wanted initially when I applied back in September. I know I will have so much to learn but the group of people I meet all seems so wonderful and helpful. I know the person who did the job previously and was promoted will be working right next to me so I can easily ask questions which will make the job easier in that way. I know after the one company I was going to do the temp to permanent position made me really weary of things but I know I need to start fresh. So I am going to go to work with an open mind and hopeful that things will be wonderful in my new position.

I am excited in some ways because I can use lessons learned from my previous job to help avoid some pitfalls of having Duchess at work. I am most of all hoping that people give me a chance to prove that I can do the job and that I am able to do anything everyone else is able to. I know it would seem like that would be a given but I have found that is not always the case but I am very optimistic things will be good. I know I was pleased that the University I will be working for handled the disability requests quite well so I am hopeful. I know each place is different and I know a fresh start is really what I need. I guess I will know tomorrow and more this week how things will go. I am hoping they are open minded and understand I am just as capable as any other person. My blood sugars have been better past couple of weeks and so I am hoping with a slight temporary basal rate during the first couple of weeks will allow me to have less lows and hopefully be able to learn all the things I need to learn. The good part is that I know I will be getting a week paid time off at Christmas similar to what I got at my last job. So I will get some down time right after starting which is really nice.

I know I am hoping Duchess is ready for all the change. She really handled the temp assignments I did at a hospice organization in October and November. I know she will love meeting all the new people and most of all I think she will be happier to be back to work as I am. Except I honestly think she loves staying home because she can run around the house but I know she will enjoy in some ways getting back to our routine of sorts. I know I am excited and a little nervous even though I know I will be fine.


  1. Yay!!!! I just know this is going to be great!! :)

    1. Thanks Karen. It really was such a great day!!!