Thursday, December 10, 2015

Interesting First Week

Things at my new work have been going great so far but I can already see some interesting challenges ahead. I am brand new and a person is already leaving the department. I have a feeling it was related to issues with another department and nothing internal. Right now the University is shuffling departments around internally so I have a feeling this person leaving was related to that recent changes. I know my department has various new team members which is great for me because they have done so much for me so far. I know this time I got asked for what office supplies I wanted and they actually arrived today at my office. It was really nice not to have to wait six months on the job before being asked what I needed. I am not sure what the other person leaving will impact me but I have a feeling because I have experience in the area this person had that could mean that I would get a promotion but honestly I am really liking the section I am in right now.

The best parts of my new job is that I work in a house and my desk is right by the back door which has access to the back yard. So it makes it ideal when having to take Duchess out. I know I also work right next to the kitchen which is ideal for storing extra food and the fridge is right there. So I can store my extra supplies and juice boxes. I know I previously at my old job had to request a fridge but this time I don't need to ask for any accommodation because the house is really ideal for Duchess. Honestly Duchess loves that at lunch I can take her outside and play in the yard. Also last Friday my coworker and I played soccer with Duchess and she was incredibly happy. She really loved her new work location but also seems to love how homey the house is. I know I can take my lunch break in the living room and also relax for an hour. My boss has a policy that no lunch break is skipped. So we have to have lunches which equal happier staff. So I also have to say that my boss is incredible.

She is familiar with service dog do's and don't s.  She also has been great in helping take on some issues that have come up. I know my position helps three other sections out in doing tasks but they have been sending tasks without asking my boss first so that she can review it. She wants to give me time to adjust and also finish all my training as well. She also is working on sending out a message to all staff about not petting service dogs etc. to educate everyone. Which takes the stress off me which is very helpful. I know she has been great and I know I am really starting to see peoples true colors after being there over a week. I know who I can trust and who I can't so far. I know I am learning so much and I feel like my supervisor works very hard to make sure I am not taken advantage of which I really appreciate. I know I am learning so much and I feel that this job will be what I needed. I knew I wanted to do something else and it really is very different. I know my skills in this position could open more doors for me personally. I know I feel very comfortable with my one coworker and boss.

I know I am looking forward to see what happens next. I am really enjoying the fact that my job in general is less stressful than my previous positions. Hoping that will help me to have a happy and healthier life. I know my move to California was for several reasons but I also know how much my work was deterioration my health so making changes that seem to have made me very happy so far. I am hoping for many more great things. I know I am blessed to have the ability to make the changes I needed in my life. I know my boyfriend John is so happy that I moved and I know I feel the same. Life is really great because I feel like I am not stuck in a rut. I know my diabetes has been really starting to smooth out in general. So I am hoping I can keep it that way.

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