Monday, March 28, 2016

Twenty Four Hours- How Fast Your Life Can Change

I know with all the changes in my life things really seemed to be going so well. I know a couple weeks ago I was going to leave the house to go grocery shopping with Duchess. I getting ready to walk out the door. Then Duchess was heading to the left when I turned back to turn the lock on the handle before I left. Something startle Duchess and she pulled and I ran into the door with my shoulder. I dropped my purse and the leash. I had to go sit down because my shoulder hurt so badly. I know I sat on the couch for an hour before I got up to try and go to the store again. I know my shoulder hurt for a while and I iced it and hoped that would take care of the injury. I know over the next couple of weeks the pain in my shoulder seemed to increase. I know I was having trouble at night sleeping. In fact one night I rolled over and there was a big pop sound from my shoulder. I know I had issues being able to put my hand behind my back on the left side. I was thinking at first maybe I pulled something or irritated something. I decided then I needed to schedule an appointment but because of my job I try to schedule only in early morning or late afternoon to avoid missing much work. So I scheduled an appointment but it would be several days before I could get in due to trying follow the times my work prefers.

I also had noticed when I was having shoulder issues that Duchess seemed off. I know when I hurt my shoulder I thought it was odd because normally that would never happen. I know we were doing some changing at our Condo so we moved some furniture around. I noticed after we did this that Duchess started running into things. I know one morning I was in the bedroom getting ready for work and I heard a really awful yelp from Duchess. I run out of the bedroom and she had run into a table. I know I was concerned as it happened some more. I started to write down her symptoms such as she seemed to get antsy when it came time to feed her. In fact I know today I have to make sure she is in the room when I pour her food in the bowl so she knows its there. At times she dances around like she does not see her food. So I decided to schedule an vet appointment. So first came my appointment with a Physician who thought I should wait. If it did not improve I should then go to Physical therapy because my arm had limited movement.

So Duchess vet appointment came first then my Physical therapy visit. I took Duchess into her new vet's and was pleased with how incredible the veterinarian dealt with Duchess. She handled her so well and made us all at ease. I know we told her about the increased thirst, increased appetite, running into objects, passing around once feed and other symptoms. So she got out her light and looked at Duchess eyes. She noticed some things so she got another device out to look again. Sure enough there is currently retinal changes in her eyes. At this time I don't know what that means for Duchess until she see's the Ophthalmologist in a week and a half. I know I was relieved that we were addressing the issue but I was incredibly troubled by what the veterinarian was telling me. I know I had some dread coming up with the appointment. So I know I was beyond stressed because Duchess had been my DAD for almost six years. I know she is my best friend and I am nervous what this can me for her health. I know I am hoping for the best but I guess I will know soon.

So the next morning at 7:30 am bright and early I went to meet my Physical therapist for the first time. I knew the would evaluate me and my movement of my left shoulder. I know I already had a bad feeling that I had Diabetic frozen shoulder. I know John and I had discussed it several days before this appointment that I thought it could be that. I know the Physical therapist did her exam and I was really in a great deal of pain. At we were able to discuss my exam. She told me I had Diabetic frozen shoulder. I know then she told me the fastest way to get to what they call the thaw faze is usually an inter-articular join injection. I know she was referring me to an orthopedist to get the injection done. At this point I was like great a cortisone injection into my joint in my shoulder.
It really hit me hard as I was rushing back to my office I had Diabetic frozen shoulder. There goes my plans of doing my AFF sky diving training this year. I know I can't even put my arm behind my back on my left side, I was really hit with how much this is going to affect my life. I also was advised no heavy lifting which I should be able to lift around 50 lbs on occasion at my job. I know I was really upset and I know I was even more frustrated with the fact that the prescribed injection might not work.


  1. Oh no...this "running into things" is awfully familiar to me. We had a toy poodle and she was healthy her whole life until her 14 year, when she started running into things too. In a short time, she was blind to one eye and then the other. It was sad to watch. Hopefully, Duchess will be ok.

    1. I am taking her to one of the Ophthalmologist in the country which happens to be an hour from my home. I am hoping there is some kind of treatment as well.

  2. I think one of the great things I have learned over time is that the frozen shoulder is correctable. I had this and it took several visits but it was worked out. I have great faith that you will be able to skydive again. Stick with the therapy. Prayers here in Indiana.

    I added this item to the TUDiabetes blog page for the week of March 28, 2016.

    1. I have heard that it can and that is what I am hoping for. I have a follow up appointment tomorrow with Physical Therapist. I have been doing the exercises and have seen improvement already. I am at times not the most patient person but Diabetes reminds me in a great deal of ways that some times I have to wait.

  3. I've had the frozen shoulder in both shoulders. It is no fun at all. The second went better than the first because I knew what is was right away. The best thing you can do is to try to keep it moving. It still hurts, but you get to keep a little more mobility this way.

    In both cases, I tried to not use the cortisone shots because I knew it would be bad for my blood sugars. But, in both cases, I had to give in and do it. The pain was literally waking me up at night.

    Thats the bad news. The good news is that both shoulder recovered completely. The pain does go away and the mobility returns completely. But, its almost a 2 year sentence between the initial pain and the complete recovery. My doctor also offered me the surgery, but didn't recommend it because he was sure that I would recover without it.

    Best wishes to you and to Duchess.